Professional Training 2018–22

Welcome to the website of the international Biel Feldenkrais® Professional Training Program beginning in July 2018. On the following pages you can inform yourself about the various aspects of the training program including its structure, staff and educational design.

The training program in a nutshell

The Training Program comprises 160 training days in 16 segments during four years. The training starts in July 2018 and ends with an internationally recognized teaching diploma in 2022. Applications are accepted as of now. You may also register for our public workshop series.
The program in detail

Who is the training program aimed at?

The Training Program appeals to participants who desire to bring new perspectives and understandings to their present work or are looking for a rewarding new profession. For some, the option of being self-employed is particularly attractive. The program is also open to those looking to improve their health and comfort in an intensive learning environment. There are no specific pre-requisites for admission to the Feldenkrais Training Program.
Training Program Faculty


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