The Training Program

The Feldenkrais Professional Training Program will offer participants extensive practical experience and in-depth training in both Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®.

Learning how to learn

The training program will provide a thorough exploration of the theory underlying the Feldenkrais Method® through lectures, discussions, study groups and readings. By exploring the neurological, biological and psychological aspects of the Feldenkrais Method®, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become outstanding practitioners.

The Feldenkrais training is designed to introduce and embody in the participants an understanding of the underlying dynamics of Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement®. Essential to the Feldenkrais Method® is the experience of “learning how to learn.” We begin that process with ourselves through ATM, and then utilizing what we have learned, we make the process interactive through Functional Integration®. There will be no rote learning, and it is assumed that students will progress at different rates. Each student will come to realize his/her own creative learning strategies and how to engender in others the process of self-discovery.

The training program is designed to bring forth each student’s development in a non-competitive and highly supportive environment.

The Curriculum

The First Year

The first year of the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program will immerse you in all aspects of the Feldenkrais Method®. Daily ATM lessons, four private FI lessons, lectures, demonstrations, theoretical discussions and hands-on work with other students will serve to give you a well-rounded basis for personal learning and understanding. Fundamental ideas from evolutionary theory, kinesiology, anatomy and neurophysiology will be introduced in the context of different learning activities. You will begin to develop your own sensory acuity and the initial sensing and observation skills required in Functional Integration®.

Dates year one:

1. Segment: 16. July – 28. July 2018 (11 days)
2. Segment: 19. November – 01. December 2018 (11 days)
3. Segment: 28. January – 02. February 2019 (06 days)
4. Segment: 06. May – 18. May 2019 (11 days)

Ausbildungsdaten 2. Jahr

1. Segment: 14. July – 03. August 2019 (17 days)
2. Segment: 14. November – 24. November 2019 (10 days)
3. Segment: 22. March – 4. April 2020 (12 days)

Ausbildungsdaten 3. Jahr

1. Segment: 06. July – 25. July 2020 (17 days)
2. Segment: 16. November – 28. November 2020 (11 days)
3. Segment: 14. March – 27. March 2021 (11 days)

Ausbildungsdaten 4. Jahr

1. Segment: 05. July – 31. July 2021 (20 days)
2. Segment: 17. October – 29. October 2021 (11 days)
3. Segment: 13. March – 26. March 2022 (12 days)

The Second Year

The second year of the Training Program addresses the structure and function of both ATM and FI lessons. In order to prepare you for teaching ATM to the public at the end of the second year, the implicit structure and pattern of lessons will be made evident. All aspects of teaching ATM will be covered, and you will have time to practice under supportive supervision. You will begin to recognize fundamental functional configurations and learn how to incorporate these observations into FI and ATM.

The Third Year

In the third year the focus will be on developing the technical skills, sensory acuity and understanding in one’s own hands required to give Functional Integration® lessons. Adding to the extensive hands-on work done during the first two years, the next level of actually giving FI lessons will be developed.

The Fourth Year

The fourth year continues all of the themes of the previous years and adds FI practice with clients from outside the training. To provide as much individualized feedback and attention as possible, we will make greater use of small groups. Working under close supervision you will learn how to maintain an open attitude toward learning and analysis of movement patterns as you construct meaningful learning situations for others.

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